Episode 3 - The final snail in the coffin

August 2019

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John is at the helm for our third episode as we continue our waffling. First Lloyd and Becca present their plans for their 4 Park Challenge this week and we all feel a bit sorry for Lloyd’s better half.

All Change at Epcot

Gill take us through what the heck is going on at Epcot! Who (or what!) is Beverly, where is Baymax going and where will we stock up on our favourite merchandise?

Let us know in the thread or in social media which part you will miss most and what you think may be announced at D23 in August

DLP - Lion King and Jungle Festival

Claire is just back from a fun-filled visit to Disneyland Paris where she experienced the Lion King Signature Package. She fills us in on the Jungle Jive parade, the new Frontierland Theatre, and toothpaste-style desserts. Listen out for a couple of top tips!

Food & Wine

After perusing this year's menus, the Wafflers tell everyone what their favourite and least favourite sounding dish. Some interesting choices which may (or may not) be to your taste... We all feel sorry for Lloyd’s better half…… again!

Mickey Mentions

We invite all our listeners to send in anything they would like mentioned on the show. From Holiday Countdowns to Anniversaries, Birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs.

Send us your Mickey mentions to themickeywaffle@gmail.com